Monday, February 14, 2011

Love the Art Work, Hun!

I just wanted to give you a little peek of how the canvas I made for my sweetie looks on our bedroom wall. He came home and noticed it right away, bless his heart. I am an awkward present-giver so I went ahead and had it on the wall before he even came home. No unwrapping-- easy peasy. AND it gave me an excuse to hang up the mini canvases we made as presents for each other a few years ago. The idea was we made a canvas about ourselves and a canvas about each other.


DinjaDONUT said...

Ohh that looks so nice!
What a great idea! :)

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Dani's said...

I love the idea that you and your sweetie made mini canvases for each other! How cute and creative =) And how you added to it and hung it in your bedroom- Perfect! I would absolutely love to do this but my boyfriend isn't the crafty type.
I actually came across your blog from a previous swap we did on swap-bot. I saved it under favorites cuz I loved it. I just started blogging and learning about the whole thing. I really like the layout of yours!
Now I am following and will check it out more often thanks to follow my blog swap!