Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Ec Lesson 1 - Cloth Napkins

I finally had a few moments to get some sewing in, thank goodness. I joined an online Home Ec class that is focused on sewing skills last month and since have had no time to ever try to get any of the assignments accomplished.

Here are double-sided Christmas napkins with ric-rac trim along the edges. I wish I had gone with a brighter color for the trim-- maybe the light green? I did pretty good with inserting the ribbon along the edge. Truly, that was the skill I was hoping to learn in this lesson.

My next lesson is making a cloth drawstring gift bag. This will teach me about making a bag with drawstring casing, which I have no experience with.

I wanted to get started on that lesson tonight but my 4 year old nephew demanded an audience for his hockey playing. I was a willing crowd, mind you, but that did limit my crafting time.

We'll see what tomorrow holds. I am supposed to be going to Hersey Park with some co-workers and my sister so sewing may be waiting until Thursday.
Either way, I am excited to learn new things.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Excited to Get Started!

I have finally squirreled away some time to start working on my Home Ec assignments
First up -- cloth napkins, a gift pouch, and (if I have time today) a tote/grocery bag

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Winged into my Life

Look what arrived this week!
I would like to you all to meet Oliver Owl. He was sent to me by Sara at Bouncing Off of Yarn Walls as a part of Itsy Bitsy Spider's Great Owl Crochet Along. See? He is a BIBLIOPHILE, like me. And check out the amazing wing detail there. Perfect!
Thanks to Sara and Itsy for a wonderful swap experience.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What WAS on my Hook- Update

My sister is a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding in November. For the bridal shower, they are planning a kitchen (red and black) theme. Its is really sweet, actually. Apparently she has always wanted a black and red kitchen-- so her girls are making sure she gets it. Cait asked me to make a red and black hot pad like the ones I had made her and my sisters earlier this year. It took a little time to find black cotton yarn but I did and... ta da! Done in one night.

I finished the Rose Purse I was crocheting last week. Now comes the tricky part-- felting. I like that the directions basically say "wash in hot water with a few other garments for friction." Something tells me it will be harder than just that. Any advice?

And I made this a while ago for a friend and co-worker and forgot to post it. Basically, I made it as a part of an inside joke so he can keep smiling while he is stressed out at work. Gene is a character, let me tell you. If you are interested in making your own Happy Poo, follow this link to the pattern.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Halloween Swaps

I just joined two swaps. If you sew or quilt-- come on over and sign up too!
Both are Halloween themed swaps (but there is an open Christmas swap going on there as well, if you are interested).
Halloween Tote Bag Swap (Due September 24th)
Halloween Block Swap (Due Oct 18th)

For the block swap, I signed up for a Spider Web focus. I was thinking Wonky Spider Webs.
I am trying to find a pattern for a block that keeps the web in the center.
Anyone seen that before?

I have some time before they are due but I like to work ahead when I can.  ^_^

Special thanks to Pam In Texas for sharing the link for these swaps-- Pretty cool!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Digs

I re-designed the layout here-- I used to be really into HTML back in high school but I have definitely gotten out of practice. My next post marks my 100th, so look forward to a giveaway this week! You must be a follower to win so sign up, friends!!

I grouped all of my tutorials together in an link on the right hand side there for easier locating. I admit, I always look at a blog's tutorial and most resent posts when I'm surfing. It is always so interesting to see what new, creative ideas people have.

Tell me what you think-- any improvements I can make?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crafter's Link Party!

I wanted to try something new.
I would love to see what you are working on! Let's have a link party for crafter's.

Link party rules:
-Link to the actual post, and not your blog main page.
-Comment on one other link in the party.
-Please, link us to something you made or even a tutorial you would like to share, not something you are selling or an unrelated post on another topic.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Testing, Testing... All about Pink

I've been working on making pink squares for my pink afghan for quite some time. Here are a few more (discounting the purple/teal/white square on the left). In order of appearance here, they are a fillet heart from the book Crochet Blocks in a Box, Fox's Scrapity Scrap - Pretty Buds, Fox's Mulberry Bush, and Fox's Geometric Square. This weekend, I will have to lay out all of my blocks and take a picture of my progress. Something tells me that I actually have enough for more than one afghan now.

We shall see.

Happy Christmas in August!

I participated in an international Christmas in July swap over at Craftaholics Anonymous. As it was international, it took a little bit for my present to arrive... but it has and it is adorable!

Conninelle from Italy sent me the sweetest pink rabbit that she made herself. So great! Check out her site to see some of her other amazing work. She is a wonder with a needle and thread.

I feel so special now! Yay, Christmas!

Brown's Back in Town

I have been neating up my crafting room recently and I happened upon some brown fuzzy yarn that I had totally forgotten about. With bunnies on the brain, I knew exactly what I wanted to whip up. A Dust Bunny! It would probably make more sense to use fuzzy gray yarn-- but whatever. I used a pattern I found on Lion Brand's site some time ago.
After I finished that up, I used the left over brown from the bunny's ears to make a bear. This was a new technique for Ami for me because you attach the legs as you go along. (Usually I attach them by sewing after each piece is complete.)This was so much faster, but a little less convenient. I had to pack stuffing in my traveling crochet bag. I usually save the stuff-and-assemble for when I am home so I can play around with the weights and devote some time concentrating on the project. So much of crochet is mindless :)

I have also learned now that I am looking at the pictures to upload my images before gifting my projects to people. It seems that with the dark brown colors, none of my images turned out. Yikes. Really, the bear was so cute with his bulbous hands/feet and cute little ears.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Google has Failed Me!

So.... I want to join a Crochet Along or a Swap or a Sew Along or...something!

Where does one find these? Is there a master listing somewhere? I tried to Google it, but Google has failed me. I only found old CALs and some ones that you have to jump thru a million hoops to join.

If I started my own, would anyone be interested in signing on too?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Puff Balls with Eyes

As some of  you know, I volunteer for a local rabbit rescue. On July 4th, I was given a litter of Angora babies and their mama to raise until they are old enough to get spayed/neutered and put up for adoption.
Here they are, 11 days old. Only one had his eyes open when we brought them home. They were as small as little chipmunks. 

I took this picture yesterday at breakfast. They have gotten so big! They are now 45 days old. Their hair is so long, I had to give the black baby (named Shadow) a little hair cut. I think I will give them all a trim tonight after work.
Here is a shot with mama bunny (named Brooklyn), so you can see how much more growing we are in store for. If you are interested in a sweet puff ball of your own and are local to Eastern Pennsylvania, Brooklyn went in for her spay surgery this past week and is available on PetFinder.com A bunny is a very rewarding pet. If you ever want some advice or to chat, feel free to message me. I am happy to help or troubleshoot behavior problems. I am by no means an expert but I have had a few rabbits in my day for frame of reference.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Per-Hops I Should Try Again?

I am not great at figuring out the sizes of baby heads, apparently.

I wanted to make this adorable bunny hat using the pattern I found at Mama G's Big crafty Blog.The first one I made is on the left, in white. I used Red Heart yarn, which is a little too scratchy but I was more thinking of seeing what I came out with more than him actually wearing it. He was born in May, after all. I realize this is not his noggin' size by October... but I thought it would make a cute picture to put him in among my live bunnies ^_^

After my sister pointed out how hopelessly small the hat was (off by @ 3 inches, which is alot with a yarn that has no give and a baby head that is only 15 inches around.) So then I made the brown hat on the right. I added more (10) stitches to the ears and to the hat itself and used Caron Simply Soft, which has a little give and felt nice. This hat is (not surprisingly) too big. And by extending the ears while using a yarn with less body, they became super floppy and too heavy for the pattern. So I will try again!

I am sure Lucas can wear this hat eventually as his little head grows... I'll let you know if the ears prove to be the downfall.

All in all though, super cute pattern! I hold my yarn too tight. I am fairly sure that is where the sizing issue came from.I'm not sure there is anything I can do about that other than just be aware of it and add stitches as needed.

I'm still a beginner at crochet ^_^ but I do like it!

Monday, August 2, 2010

How Nerdy are You?

So... you know how sometimes you can be just wandering along, minding your own business.... when suddenly something hits you square in the face that makes you realize you are even more nerdy than you originally suspected?

Not that I mind and not that I would ever deny being nerdy but wow-- I think I out did myself last week!

I have been looking online at these gorgeous handmade felt flower bouquets at Princess Lasertron. And though I am not even an engaged lady, I still would love love love to make a bouquet for myself (and hope like hell that my boyfriend of 9 years gets around to it eventually).

Something that you may not be aware of yet-- I am a button junkie. So, of course, my brain immediately started spinning wondering what buttons I would use in my bouquet. I want to hold something that makes me smile and think of the two of us while I am walking down the aisle.

Did you know that you can order the show-legal buttons from the Battlestar Galactica uniforms?!!??!?
This was, perhaps, the most exciting thing I heard all of July (and that is 31 days worth of hearing stuff, people!)
I am sure that you have guessed by now that I went and ordered a dozen of them.Hot dog, I'm excited!! 
The company is in Canada and to save on shipping, I had them ship air mail. It only took a week and here they are!! Yay! I am a little sad they only had the Brushed Antique Gold in stock.I tried to buy a dozen of all four varieties (Antique Brushed Gold, Antique Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver) but that was sadly a no-go. Oh well! In any event-- on to look for more buttons!!

So how nerdy are you?