Monday, August 2, 2010

How Nerdy are You?

So... you know how sometimes you can be just wandering along, minding your own business.... when suddenly something hits you square in the face that makes you realize you are even more nerdy than you originally suspected?

Not that I mind and not that I would ever deny being nerdy but wow-- I think I out did myself last week!

I have been looking online at these gorgeous handmade felt flower bouquets at Princess Lasertron. And though I am not even an engaged lady, I still would love love love to make a bouquet for myself (and hope like hell that my boyfriend of 9 years gets around to it eventually).

Something that you may not be aware of yet-- I am a button junkie. So, of course, my brain immediately started spinning wondering what buttons I would use in my bouquet. I want to hold something that makes me smile and think of the two of us while I am walking down the aisle.

Did you know that you can order the show-legal buttons from the Battlestar Galactica uniforms?!!??!?
This was, perhaps, the most exciting thing I heard all of July (and that is 31 days worth of hearing stuff, people!)
I am sure that you have guessed by now that I went and ordered a dozen of them.Hot dog, I'm excited!! 
The company is in Canada and to save on shipping, I had them ship air mail. It only took a week and here they are!! Yay! I am a little sad they only had the Brushed Antique Gold in stock.I tried to buy a dozen of all four varieties (Antique Brushed Gold, Antique Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold, Brushed Silver) but that was sadly a no-go. Oh well! In any event-- on to look for more buttons!!

So how nerdy are you?

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