Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Per-Hops I Should Try Again?

I am not great at figuring out the sizes of baby heads, apparently.

I wanted to make this adorable bunny hat using the pattern I found at Mama G's Big crafty Blog.The first one I made is on the left, in white. I used Red Heart yarn, which is a little too scratchy but I was more thinking of seeing what I came out with more than him actually wearing it. He was born in May, after all. I realize this is not his noggin' size by October... but I thought it would make a cute picture to put him in among my live bunnies ^_^

After my sister pointed out how hopelessly small the hat was (off by @ 3 inches, which is alot with a yarn that has no give and a baby head that is only 15 inches around.) So then I made the brown hat on the right. I added more (10) stitches to the ears and to the hat itself and used Caron Simply Soft, which has a little give and felt nice. This hat is (not surprisingly) too big. And by extending the ears while using a yarn with less body, they became super floppy and too heavy for the pattern. So I will try again!

I am sure Lucas can wear this hat eventually as his little head grows... I'll let you know if the ears prove to be the downfall.

All in all though, super cute pattern! I hold my yarn too tight. I am fairly sure that is where the sizing issue came from.I'm not sure there is anything I can do about that other than just be aware of it and add stitches as needed.

I'm still a beginner at crochet ^_^ but I do like it!

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