Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Ec Lesson 1 - Cloth Napkins

I finally had a few moments to get some sewing in, thank goodness. I joined an online Home Ec class that is focused on sewing skills last month and since have had no time to ever try to get any of the assignments accomplished.

Here are double-sided Christmas napkins with ric-rac trim along the edges. I wish I had gone with a brighter color for the trim-- maybe the light green? I did pretty good with inserting the ribbon along the edge. Truly, that was the skill I was hoping to learn in this lesson.

My next lesson is making a cloth drawstring gift bag. This will teach me about making a bag with drawstring casing, which I have no experience with.

I wanted to get started on that lesson tonight but my 4 year old nephew demanded an audience for his hockey playing. I was a willing crowd, mind you, but that did limit my crafting time.

We'll see what tomorrow holds. I am supposed to be going to Hersey Park with some co-workers and my sister so sewing may be waiting until Thursday.
Either way, I am excited to learn new things.

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LollyChops said...

I just love the napkins you made! I need to get on something like that as well!

HUGS and thanks for dropping by my blog!