Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Beer

Today Ian and I are going to our friend's birthday... (party?) evening. Basically it is just a bunch of people getting together-- eating, drinking, and having a generally good time. Maybe there will be a birthday cake? Who knows. These boys aren't the best planners.

So I have been trying to think all week - What should we get Lauren for her birthday? It finally hit me today... I should make her something. She and her boyfriend are beer snobs-- they love to drink beer, beer, beer (the fancy kinds, of course). The only time I ever drink beer is to sample what they are having. So I thought that I would try to mke a crochet beer bottle... and if I have the time, a piece of birthday cake.

Searching online, I found a couple of sites with patterns for knitted beer bottles and I even found a picture of one someone had crocheted, but no pattern.

So I thought I would wing it. Turned out pretty cute, I think.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Works in Progress

I am not sure why I let it happen, but I have a bunch of things that I have started that need to be completed. Pictured above starting at the top left is another one of my pink squares for the Breast Cancer Awareness quilt I was making thur an internet swap, a pink amigurumi rabbit with hot pink accents, the beginnings of a leg to a multi-shaded brown amigurumi bunny (made to look like one of my own adorable rabbits), and at the bottom are two little baggies of eyes and noses for craft dolls that I purchased on ebay.

Honestly, the pink rabbit in the middle has been my main focus over the last week because he is the one that is most likely to be finished soon. The pattern you see printed in the background there can be found on Jilly Flower's site.

And as an update on the Breast Cancer pink blanket-- it is very slow going. The idea was great but, unfortunately, there wasn't a large number of participants so I have been trying to make up for the small amount of squares by making mine. My co-worker has decided to take pity on me and has offered to make a few squares as well for the cause. (THA NK YOU!!)

Rub-a-dub-dub... A Baby to Love

My little sister's baby shower was this weekend past. We did a rubber ducky theme for her (I picked it). It turned out really sweet. I can't believe that my little sister is going to have a little one of her own.
For decorations, I purchased a ton (72?) mini rubber duckys on Oriental in several different themed costumes. We scattered these ducks all over the house and had a bucket of them next to the door for our guests to take home with them as they left.
To add a fun crafty element, I also purchased blank ducks and provided paints for our guest to DIY their own rubber ducky to take home with them. I wish I had thought to providing a finishing/sealing spray for the ducks. This, of course, would make them toxic but would protect the paint from chipping. Luckily, my brother had some spray in his room that he left out for the project. Thank you, Devin!

With all of the party preperations, I feel like I haven't had any time to devote to my crafts. I don't mind too much though-- I love my sister.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Bunny House!

Been pretty busy since coming back from my trip.
Before we had left, I had been in contact with the head of Luv'N'Bunns, a local rabbit rescue. I have been trying to get a new girlfriend for my dwarf male, Beau. He lost his friend not too long ago and I really believe that he prefers having company to being alone.

On August 12th, we took him over to the rescue to go on a few dates with the girl bunnies they have there for adoption. After meeting several nice girls, he chose a white lop named Snow White. She is so cute and sweet-- a little shy at first. I am happy to say that she has settled in and is very happy. I think they are in love.

Also, while we were there, we met with a trio of lops, two males and one female. They come as a set as they are already bonded. They were so sweet-- I didn't want to go home without them! So Ian and I came home to make some space for a new pen/condo set up.

We also ditched our somewhat horrible-looking hand-me-down dinning room furniture in favor of giving the bunns a room of their own. We will have to keep them separate, as they are not all bonded with each other, but I don't mind. They are a joy to feed in the morning and wonderful to come home to in the evenings. I wish I could work from home so I could enjoy them more during the week... Boo work!