Friday, August 28, 2009

Works in Progress

I am not sure why I let it happen, but I have a bunch of things that I have started that need to be completed. Pictured above starting at the top left is another one of my pink squares for the Breast Cancer Awareness quilt I was making thur an internet swap, a pink amigurumi rabbit with hot pink accents, the beginnings of a leg to a multi-shaded brown amigurumi bunny (made to look like one of my own adorable rabbits), and at the bottom are two little baggies of eyes and noses for craft dolls that I purchased on ebay.

Honestly, the pink rabbit in the middle has been my main focus over the last week because he is the one that is most likely to be finished soon. The pattern you see printed in the background there can be found on Jilly Flower's site.

And as an update on the Breast Cancer pink blanket-- it is very slow going. The idea was great but, unfortunately, there wasn't a large number of participants so I have been trying to make up for the small amount of squares by making mine. My co-worker has decided to take pity on me and has offered to make a few squares as well for the cause. (THA NK YOU!!)

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