Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Beer

Today Ian and I are going to our friend's birthday... (party?) evening. Basically it is just a bunch of people getting together-- eating, drinking, and having a generally good time. Maybe there will be a birthday cake? Who knows. These boys aren't the best planners.

So I have been trying to think all week - What should we get Lauren for her birthday? It finally hit me today... I should make her something. She and her boyfriend are beer snobs-- they love to drink beer, beer, beer (the fancy kinds, of course). The only time I ever drink beer is to sample what they are having. So I thought that I would try to mke a crochet beer bottle... and if I have the time, a piece of birthday cake.

Searching online, I found a couple of sites with patterns for knitted beer bottles and I even found a picture of one someone had crocheted, but no pattern.

So I thought I would wing it. Turned out pretty cute, I think.

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