Monday, August 17, 2009

New Bunny House!

Been pretty busy since coming back from my trip.
Before we had left, I had been in contact with the head of Luv'N'Bunns, a local rabbit rescue. I have been trying to get a new girlfriend for my dwarf male, Beau. He lost his friend not too long ago and I really believe that he prefers having company to being alone.

On August 12th, we took him over to the rescue to go on a few dates with the girl bunnies they have there for adoption. After meeting several nice girls, he chose a white lop named Snow White. She is so cute and sweet-- a little shy at first. I am happy to say that she has settled in and is very happy. I think they are in love.

Also, while we were there, we met with a trio of lops, two males and one female. They come as a set as they are already bonded. They were so sweet-- I didn't want to go home without them! So Ian and I came home to make some space for a new pen/condo set up.

We also ditched our somewhat horrible-looking hand-me-down dinning room furniture in favor of giving the bunns a room of their own. We will have to keep them separate, as they are not all bonded with each other, but I don't mind. They are a joy to feed in the morning and wonderful to come home to in the evenings. I wish I could work from home so I could enjoy them more during the week... Boo work!

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