Friday, August 13, 2010

Brown's Back in Town

I have been neating up my crafting room recently and I happened upon some brown fuzzy yarn that I had totally forgotten about. With bunnies on the brain, I knew exactly what I wanted to whip up. A Dust Bunny! It would probably make more sense to use fuzzy gray yarn-- but whatever. I used a pattern I found on Lion Brand's site some time ago.
After I finished that up, I used the left over brown from the bunny's ears to make a bear. This was a new technique for Ami for me because you attach the legs as you go along. (Usually I attach them by sewing after each piece is complete.)This was so much faster, but a little less convenient. I had to pack stuffing in my traveling crochet bag. I usually save the stuff-and-assemble for when I am home so I can play around with the weights and devote some time concentrating on the project. So much of crochet is mindless :)

I have also learned now that I am looking at the pictures to upload my images before gifting my projects to people. It seems that with the dark brown colors, none of my images turned out. Yikes. Really, the bear was so cute with his bulbous hands/feet and cute little ears.

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