Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's on your hook?

Today, the yarn I ordered online came! I love getting packages in the mail-- it's like Christmas, only I paid for it and generally know what is inside...
I am pretty excited because I have been dying to try my hand at felting again.If you remember, I tried to make a felted candy corn bag back in October-- it didn't turn out quite right. One of my readers explained that I had probably used a wool-blend yarn. Well, this time I bought the 100% stuff so I hope all this itchiness in July pays off in the final product.

 I found this cute pattern on Lion Brand's site last week called a felted rose handbag. Pretty darling-- I bought different colors though. The hot pink-and-red look doesn't really suit me. I purchased Ranch Red as the overall color and Scarlet as the accent in the rose petals.

So what's on your hook?

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