Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ian Art with Photoshop

Tonight, I tried my hand at making some Word Art using a photo I had of my boyfriend, Ian, and a tutorial I found at the psdtop blog.  It was certainly interesting to try. I have seen a few How-Tos across the web, though I haven't really seen any for non-Adobe programs. To do it, I looked through my files to find a picture of a front-on face that had a good mix of light and dark. I chose this one of Ian because I knew it would annoy him!

I think when I do it again (and I will, with a better picture and more definite concept), I will follow the directions exactly as laid out rather than fiddling with the tutorial before executing it the correct way first. I always seem to do that-- try to "make it better" before I have actually done it the other way first. I had used 3 different shades of gray rather than just making the word usage smaller and less dense as the tutorial instructs. It wasn't until I was finished with my image that I could see the value of what they were trying to do with those directions.


Ericka the Vanilla Perv said...

I've been meaning to do a project like this. Your results are awesome. Just stopping by from S-B Follow My Blogger Swap. You can visit me at <3 Vanillaperv

Bev Sykes said...

I LOVE the word photo. I'm definitely going to play around with that!

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