Monday, October 19, 2009

Attack of the Candy Corn!

Dear World,


I am not sure when it started but I have love-love-loved delicious candy corn all my life. This season, now that I am established in my own home and can do whatever I care to to celebrate the holidays, I plan to celebrate by paying homage to this tasty, autumn treat.

I came across a recipe yesterday in my Internet wanderings. I am not sure why it has never occurred to me to make my own candy corn at home versus purchasing some packaged at the store but now that the idea is in my hear-- I can't resist. I want to try Cakespy's Homemade Candy Corn recipe this weekend (hopefully). I haven't ever really made something this "homemade" at the house so I suspect that there are quite a few things I need to purchase to make this happen.

For more information on the history of candy corn, visit the National Confectioners Association website. Yum. History can be delicious too. ^_--

For more candy corn recipes, take a look at: Candy Corn Cordial, Candy Corn Martini, and Candy Corn Parfait

Yay Autumn!

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