Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Emmett Corn!

Look at my festive, adorable bunny, Emmett. He is so sweet and tolerant of his mama’s crazy antics. I have five rabbits with five very unique personalities. I think that Emmett is the only bunn that wouldn’t try to chew up the yarn or shake his head to dislodged the hat until he is dizzy. Emmett is sweet and laid back—I like that is a bunny.

I was (am) in the process of making a whole bowl of the crochet candy corn pattern I got from the Lion Brand site and noticed that before stuffing and whip stitching the bottom seam closed, the candy corn would make for a cute little hat. I think I will try it in black or dark purple with a band near the bottom of the cone and try to fashion a brim for a witch’s hat. That would be pretty entertaining and fairly east to do by modifying the corn pattern. I’m going to give it a whirl! I’ll post the pattern and results if it works out!


Christy said...

Eekk, Emmett the bunny is so cute (i love his name)! The candy corn hat just looks so darling on him.

Thanks for the birthday greetings and dropping by my blog today! xoxo

Little Brown Rabbit said...

Aww look at Emmett- he is sooooo sweet!