Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crafts for the People I Love

My boyfriend is starting a new job on Monday. I wanted to make something cute for his desk so he can look at it and think of me while he works. This will be the first job he has had in 8 years that where I am not working too. I miss eating lunch with him and the commuting company, I can tell you that. Anyway, I made him this cute little pink excited, panicking emoticon. It is supposed to remind him of me. When I freak out, I spin in circles like the animated guy on a message board he uses. (<-- Not sure why the animation isn't working on this GIF, but that's the guy.) This one is just the same, except this one is pink-- my favorite color.

Also, my friend Dani is having a birthday this weekend. I wanted to make something little to give her. I used the pattern for a pin cushion that I found at Bitter Sweet Blog. Its a pretty sweet little cupcake. I am giving her the one on the right.
It seemed like a good opportunity to memorize the pattern and crank out a few extra for emergencies at the same time. My boyfriend has a bad habit of telling me we are going to see someone on their birthday with less than 24 hours notice (and I am horrible with remembering those things by myself).

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Twiddle Thumbs said...

Oh my clever crocheting friend! Yay!
What a cute site and such great creations.
Thanks for sharing your blog link.