Saturday, May 15, 2010

What to do?

Looking for some suggestions-- my friend was remodeling his home and was pitching the scrap from the base boards and crown moldings. I snatched them up before he even knew what was happening (LOL). Any suggestions on what I can do with the pieces? I have some small ones and a few that are a pretty good size. I was going to cut one up and make a frame for the board I painted yesterday with magnetic paint but there is still a ton of material left here, people.

Google is failing me on inspiration! What do you think?


Baye said...

How about edging around a table so that you can put tile in the center??
Orrrrr....window cornices, but that requires some flat wood. I cannot believe I wrote flat wood. Obviously I am not a woodworker. My husband has built me some cornices with various wood molding for trim.

It should be fun seeing what people come up with!

Katherine said...

Any that have a groove you can roll a marble down you could turn into a set of blocks for building marble runs. Just drill a large hole at one end for the marble to drop through. :-) Okay, might not be perfect.

couture unraveled said...

paint it and put coat hooks on them and use them for coat racks!! I have a long one on my entryway!!!