Monday, May 11, 2009

Teen Sewing: Prom Purse

I like to learn new things. This past Friday, I took a sewing class a Joann's Fabrics in Marple Crossroads. I had already taken Sewing 101 and Upholstery classes that both involved sewing machines, so I thought getting a little more sewing experience would be good. Basically, I want to be skilled enough to make some curtains, pillows, and the occasional child's toy. There was a class called "Prom Purses" for teens that I decided to take after double checking that it was fine that I am 25 and taking a teen class, of course. Turns out, they just want your money and don't really care. Go figure.In the class we had the option of making either the black purse or pink. Based on which purse you were interested in making, they gave you a supply list. To Joann's credit, they give you both patterns in case you want to make the other in your spare time. I decided to go for the pink one as it looked more complicated (jewels, pipe trim, custom button) and I wanted to tackle it while I had the helpful support of a paid employee! Considering my newness and the design requirements, I had to complete some of the bag in my kitchen. Kudos to my mother for lending me her sewing machine! I really want one of my own but I can't validate spending all that money when my mom and her machine live less then 10 minutes away.

Anyways, the class consisted of myself (25 years old) and a little girl (11 years old). I guess it wasn't really a teen class!! Ha ha. I am thinking that teens attending the prom did not take the class considering it was so close to actual prom dates. I chose a purple/teal taffeta for the outside and black silk for the lining. I think it looks really nice with the back piping. But I digress... Check out my finished product:
When I showed it to my mom, she asked where I had purchased the purse! What a compliment. Now, she did ask that when she was not actually HOLDING the purse (or she would have see some uneven seaming on the back). Still, it was my first bag. I bought a pattern to try to make a diaper bag for my little (pregnant) sister. I am not sure if making the diaper bag will work out but I am willing to give it a try and curse at the machine a little bit more for my kid sister. I already made her crochet blankets and so on. Why not try my hand at a new medium?

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