Saturday, May 23, 2009

US Armed Forces - Square Swap

What have I been up to recently? I joined another crochet square swap on (same as the pink breast cancer awareness swap last month). I am trying to make squares for a swap focused on American forces in the navy, army, marines, ect.
After much brainstorming, I thought that a blue and white (maybe with gold?) with an anchor in the middle would be nice and I wanted to do the white Army star symbol too.
I tried to find a star-in-square pattern online and in books at the local Borders to no avail. For some reason, a simple solution to my pattern dilemma is not happening.
So I have been working on making my own pattern for a star that is not an overlay on a crochet square. It has been slow going, really. As you can see from the different squares below, it has been all trial and error.

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