Thursday, April 1, 2010

Etsy Purchase!

Please take a moment to view the beautiful Ms. Sophie. Isn't she gorgeous? I bought her on Etsy at Kate's Cache. Usually, I would try to make this little cutie myself but... I am still a beginner at knitting and am in no way ready to make something so complicated. I am still working on making flat pieces!

Anyway, Kate made this little sweetie custom for me. I wanted her because she is a adorable little bunny in a bathing suit. I started a new diet on St. Patrick's day two weeks ago. It is a completely liquid diet monitored by the hospital. To be honest, the actual diet has been pretty easy. The hardest part is the lack in variety. I wish there were more options! But I digress. I wanted the bunny in a bathing suit to keep at my desk at work (where I am the worst snacker ever) to remind me that I too will look super cute in a pink bathing suit this summer, as long as I stick to the plan.

13.6 pounds down... many more to go.

Thank you for my new bathing beauty, Kate. My mother named her Sophie. I think the name suits.

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