Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jimbo's Front Porch : Winner!

I am the very enthusiastic winner of one of Jimbo's hand carved beauties.

Here is Jimbo's description for the auction: Hook #1 I haven't made and Egg Hook for some time now but they're soooo comfortable for underhand grippers that I really should make lots more. The bulb fits in the palm of the hand, so the grip is pretty much by the ball of the thumb and the pinky, leaving the rest of the fingers to manipulate yarn is a very easy relaxed manner. This hook is a K (6.5mm), is made of Hard Maple and is 5 inches long (12.7cm). The largest diameter of bulb or egg shape is 1 1/4 inches or 3.2cm. A VERY comfortable hook for folk who are underhand (like you hold your toothbrush) grippers.

The hook arrived last week and it has been a dream. If you have never heard of Jimbo's Front Porch, you really must go visit his site. He makes beautiful hand carved hooks and auctions them off in his blog posts. All proceeds are going towards building a porch on his home. He has a great, poetic way about his writing which I enjoy. Also, if you are interested, he once posted a tutorial on how to carve your own hooks. I am in the process of trying to make one myself. I'll let you know of the progress after I get past the third step. Bark removal is really time consuming! With the weather getting better, though, I anticipate I will be able to spend more time outside where I don't have to fuss about the wood shavings getting all over the place.

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