Sunday, April 18, 2010

Penguins are OK as long as we aren't talkin' Hockey...

For my little brother's 2 year anniversary with his girlfriend Sarah, he wanted to make her a present having something to do with penguins, her favorite thing.

I thought this was totally cute and sweet and offered any artistic assistance that I could. I had quite a few different ideas for the project-- glass, yarn, fabric, wood, resin, clay.... you know. Crafty stuff.

Anyways, he chose the most time consuming option in stained glass. Devin having never used a glass cutter, I took that task for myself. Aside from that aspect, I taught him how to work the grinder, fit a pattern, copper foil, and soder the entire piece.

He did a really good job. Start to finish, it only took 2 hours too. Not bad, little brother! Look, so proud. Sarah will love it. <3

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