Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My First Special Order

As you know, we had a craft fair last week to benefit a family in need this holiday season. I made a ton of crafts for the even. Really, I wanted it to be successful and I had no idea what would and would not sell at something like this. I attend craft fairs sometimes but I guess I never pay attention to what interests people-- I mainly go to ooh and ahh and pick up a few treats.

One thing I found is that people largely viewed my little crochet dolls as pet toys (lol). I sold quite a few to people that were saying their dog or cat would be excited. I hadn't thought of that and wished I had made a few more with animal safety in mind (not using small parts, etc.)

A woman that I normally only smile at in the hallway asked me to make a special treat for her puppy. He was going in for surgery this past monday and she thought he would love a set of my bunnies, in blue and without the small details. I went home and whipped them up post haste-- and here you see them before you. My first special order from a paying customer!

I wish I had been able to be more elaborate with them but I aim to please so simple the are.

I hope the puppy likes them and gets well soon! Sick animals make me so sad.

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