Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh, What a Relief It Is

So you may be wondering "Where has Shanny been all month!?" I have been crafting, my friends! Alot has taken place since I was last able to write. In short (and I will post more about my adventures at length over the next couple weeks), I was working on my sister's bridal shower, bachelorette party, craft sale for our Adopt-A-Family project at work, a few special orders (!!!), making a playing card game, sewing Halloween costumes, a tote swap, a Halloween quilt square swap, a Christmas ornament swap, a Christmas present swap, baby shower presents... and helping prepare for my sister's New Year's Eve wedding.

To start, here I am setting up for one of our craft sale days in the office. It was alot of fun but WAY too much work, I must say. It is really hard to keep a group of 50+ people engaged and interested in participating in something. I made a bunch of the crafts seen here so that has been taking up much of my time. We did pretty well -- $458.00 from 3 days of sales. The proceeds go towards buying Christmas presents for a family from inside our company that is in need.


Peace said...

Well look at you, making a positive difference in the world! YOu go girl! I can't even keep 2 kids and an adult interested and engaged very long. :O)

Barb Gallagher said...

You never fail to make me so proud of you and your accomplishments!!