Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Just Gotta Rock...

Surprise! My boyfriend actually gave me two days notice that we were going to see our friend to celebrate his birthday this weekend! I think that things are improving.

Our friend, Andrew, has two hobbies-- making beer with his fiancee Lauren and making music with his friends. Well, I already made Lauren a birthday beer, so I thought that I would take on making a guitar to gift to him. I tried to mimic his favorite guitar-- a custom made one that you see in the picture there. I didn't get the shape exactly right but I like to think of it as "stylized" and homemade.

I found a pattern that was close to what I was looking for at Crochet & Craft - The Thinkable and the Unthinkable. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the pattern with enough time to get the present made for Andrew's party. I used the picture she has posted as a general model and worked out from there. I did go ahead and buy the pattern on Etsy. It's so cute and I know that I'll want to make one for my nephews. Besides, I am interested to see where the differences are in our designs.

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Ann Martin said...

What a nifty little guitar! I hope Andrew loved it.

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