Sunday, April 19, 2009

Studio? -- Check!

I am so excited. It took a bit of time to get everything arranged just so for me this weekend, but I got my studio all set up. I took bits and pieces from all over the place to make it happen. I made use of some of the wood and the saw horses that were left behind by the previous owner.

Following that, I made a list of the items I both needed and wanted in order to make stained glass. I purchased the basic tools from my class teacher earlier last month. I went shopping in my parent's garage and found most of what you see here before you in terms of furniture. Mom gave me that potter's table on the left which I think will be amazing for holding my works in progress as well as tools. The two round stools were also my mom's -- garage sale finds! I have cusions fo both of them if I want a padded seat. The milk crates where my glass is stored was from dad. He also found those hiddieous lamps that are on either side of the table. They used to be my grandfather's before he moved in with my aunt. The funny little trash can in the corner was actually a pail that my mom got at my sister's baby shower in 1979. (Yay, recycling!)

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