Wednesday, September 23, 2009

S.A.V.E. 2010

I just signed up for S.A.V.E. 2010. S.A.V.E. stands for Scrappin' Away Vacation Event. It is the ultimate scrap-over in the area, from what I hear. It is being held at a beautiful resort -- the Split Rock Resort in the Pocono Mountains (PA).

My sister went last year. She said that is is basically a ballroom full of tables, end to end. People come in and scrap until they are hungry or tired. After they break, more crafting occurs! Fun fun. There is also a "yard sale" where in you can bring any scrappy items you do not wish to keep anymore and sell them to the other scrappers. There will also be some classes where you can learn new techniques (and probably buy the items you need to use those techniques lol.)

My sister, her co-worker Amanda (whom I have scrapped with before), and two of Amanda's friends will be sharing a "party room" for 5. Cost savings - yes! The weekend is in January, leading up to MLK, but not including. I can go up as early as Thursday but my sister and Amanda cannot go until Friday. I know we can't all carpool (too many crafty items to bring!) so I am not sure if I will stay around and wait for them or go up earlier. What do you think I should do?

Information can be found at if you are interested too.

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