Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sorta Looks Like a Carrot...

Here is my progress so far on the cross stitch pattern I started too weeks ago. I know-- it doesn't seem like alot but I haven't had a ton of time to focus on it with school and my pet emergency and my new nephew being born today. I took the picture below in the waiting room in the maternity ward waiting to see my little sister. I am using Needle Necessities overdyed floss #s 1441 (orange) and 1372 (green) for most of the pattern and a little DMC 310 (black) for the back stitching that I will add in at the end. This is my second cross stitch project and it is quite large at that. I am excited for the finished result. I plan to hang it in my bunny room for my little rabbit-lovies to enjoy.

If you have never kept one, I highly recommend a bunny for a pet (or really 2 + bunnies so they have day-time friends. They are super sweet and a joy to play with. ^_^ Yay bunny love!

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