Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Stash Monster (Pattern Style)

So all this talk about reorganizing my yarn has inspired me to organize my electronic files of patterns and crafting ideas. I am working this weekend at the office, so I have some time to tackle this portion of my stash-clean out now! I am opening every pattern file of different crafty things I found online to file, name, and categorize each pattern appropriately.

I have a habit of collecting inspiring images as well so I will go through them, delete duplicates, and collect like ideas together.

Also, I wanted to mention I did a Google search about organizing yarn and crafts while I was sitting here at my desk at work. I came across two links that I expect will be quite helpful to me.

This one is from Craft It breaks down a step by step approach to sorting yarn.

This site is actually a blog called Yarn Harlot. I *love* that title-- well chosen! The author, Stephanie, talks about her bi-yearly ritual of cleaning out her stash. Great writing.

Anyway... I'll let you know about the progress as soon as I can. It sure is nice to get a little order back into my life.

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