Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Stash Monster...

I will start this post by disclosing that my family has always had a "collecting" problem. Example-- Pictures of Mom's craft room.

As you see here she has packed her craft room to the seams with primarily cross stitch supplies, though there are a few other crafting pursuits in there. She has literally tons of linen, fabrics, patterns, buttons, fibers, and supplies. To be fair, she only recently had a free room open up in her house to allow her to attempt to organize her craft items so the mess is understandable. It is always messiest before total order graces a project.

So, the point that I am attempting to make is that I am humbly following in her somewhat disorganized, collecting, crafting footsteps, though with several other crafting focuses.
I have had a pleasant yet dramatic influx of yarn supplies recently. My boyfriend has pointed out to me on more than one occasion that I need to stop purchasing and acquiring and get to using or at the very least storing my supplies properly.

My organizing plan is... I don't really have one? I am buying the vacuum-sucking Space Saver bags to sort, package, and protect my yarn in some nice, convenient see-through packaging.
I'll... let you know what I come up with...

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