Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finally Finished, Danny Boy!

I feel like I started this little pink bunny soooo long ago. He turned out pretty cute. I think I will call him Clever Dan. I made him using the pattern I found on Jilly Flowers. Actually... it is the only thing on the Jilly Flowers site! I think the owner abandoned her blog :-( Well, regardless, I am super happy that she did leave the pattern there. It was the first amigurumi that worked the body and legs in one continuous piece. It, also, was my first expereince making a pompom. The orignal pattern offered the idea of a pompom, but also gave a pattern to make a single crochet ball for the tail. I used the simple tutorial at Bella Dia to work that out. The directions were very easy to follow and turned out a pretty cute, fluffy tail.
well, I hope you like it. Time to finish the OTHER bunny pattern I had started in a brown brindle cotton yarn with a differnt pattern. This one may take a little longer. We'll see...

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