Thursday, November 26, 2009

Protecting My Lobes

So... at work I use headsets and earphones every day. Several months ago, the foam ear guard on my phone headset bit the dust, ripping to the point that it was more annoying to keep it on than to take it off. Since then, I had been dealing with the foamy-pad-less-ness. Just yesterday, I saw that the foam pad on my earphone was ripping. I remembered seeing on a site somewhere that you can crochet replacements that can look pretty cute too. I whipped these up in an evening and I think they turned out pretty great-- nice and comfy and cute. The pattern links are below. Enjoy and go forth to make your own! Circular Earphone Cover

P.S. A co-worker saw my new cozies and said she was going to have to make some too. I think I may have started a new trend in my department. We shall see!

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