Monday, September 13, 2010

Entry Hall Art, Part 1

We bought our house 2 years ago this past May. I love the house-- it was in great condition, good price and location, plus it is big enough that we have room to spare, even if we were to have an addition to the family.

One thing that has driven me crazy from the first month we moved in is our total and complete lack of art on the walls. It seriously makes me feel like I am living is a college dorm and not as a home owner.

After some creative negotiating, my boyfriend has agreed to give over to me a wall in the house. The deal was that I would keep it all black and white strictly. This is a pretty huge step for him considering he is a bit of a opinionated control freak that has a hard time identifying what he likes in a concise manner.

Exhibit A—pictured here, you see the mapped out wall of my future DIY fun. More projects to follow!

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