Monday, September 20, 2010

R is for Results

I have been seeing these button canvas art pieces all over the internet recently and I wanted to try and make on for my black and white wall. I purchased a canvas art piece at a local discount store with the intentions of reusing the framework, not the art it came with. Yikes! To be honest, I am not sure who the previous piece appealed to-- it was internet catch phrases (such as ttfn, lol, j/k) in 2 inch letters repeated across as 10 x10 canvas.

Anyway, to make my "R" monogrammed Button Art, I first surfed thru my vast font collection. I made the mistake of asking my boyfriend for his opinion, and was directed to a very very plain font face:Lucida Bright. Please do not get me wrong. I do love this font but it is really much more plain than I had been aiming for. Ian is not one for flourishes so this isn't really a surprising turn of events.

After picking my font, sizing it to fit properly on the canvas (in this case 8.5 inches tall), and printing it, I started into sorting my buttons. Oh! I do love buttons. I sorted my whites into 5 general size categories. From there, I put my fabric in an embroidery hoop, pinned the R printout on to the fabric directly, and started sewing buttons on directly thru the paper and fabric. I started where the R legs and belly meet on the underside for no other reason than I thought it would be good to start as center as possible.

Once the buttons are secure, cut/tear away the paper. Stretch and staple the fabric onto the canvas framework and enjoy your beautiful buttons on display.

I plan on making a smaller, lower case R in reverse colors this week. I'll be sure to take step by step pictures to flesh out this tutorial and add it to the tutorial pages on the right hand side there.


Alicia said...

LOVE the button R. May I copy to use "k" for our last name for family gifts? I clicked on follow for you. found you through the networked blogs "bet u want followers" discussion.

Shanny said...

Sure! Use away. I took pictures to write a tutorial as well-- I just haven't had a moment to draft it out this week. I'll see if I can get it together to post.

Thanks for following and stopping by!