Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Muted Pumpkin, Traditional

I made another pumpkin for the Itsy Bitsy Spider CAL. This one is more traditional, smaller. I really like how the muted tones turned out in this one.

I have been trying to think of something creative I can do to decorate a pumpkin for the "fashion contest" that is coming up on Itsy's site... but I am hitting a road block. I just really like classic, unadorned pumpkins. I keep going to the orange yarns rather than the pinks, yellows, and blues. I like the different pumpkins that have been added to the Pumpkin Patch on Flickr...

I like the idea of making Cinderella's carriage. Maybe I work on that! Afterall, who better to make a pumpkin fit for a princess than a princess herself!?!

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