Thursday, September 9, 2010

Walkin' in the Spider Webs...

I have immersed myself in Halloween fabrics... and  I have to say that it is a ton of fun.

I am working on making my squares for Aunt Pitty Pat's swap due October 18th. I chose "spiderwebs" as my theme for the project, which I think was a little adventurous of me as I didn't really have a plan when I suggested it. Here is what I have come up with so far on the left.... What do you think? I still have to add the corners in white to the web but otherwise... not super web-like, right? I thought the wonky strips would add to making them look like webs but now I am not so sure. How about you? Any quilters out there with some suggestions?

I need to make 12 of these blocks. I will be sending out my tote this weekend-- just working on my "extra surprise" for the package before it goes along its merry way. I hope my swap partner is happy! I'm pretty pleased with how everything has turned out. I am half tempted to keep it myself. Instead, maybe I'll make a Christmas one for me? Or a pink patchwork tote? That would be yummy too : )

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Ann Martin said...

Very cool! I can definitely see the spider web effect.